Project Development Process

All Oak Construction projects follow a disciplined order of execution. Communication is the essential ingredient in every successful project. In our estimation, the customer should never be surprised. In that pursuit, we follow a detailed road map honed by 30 years of experience.

Initial Client Meeting

  • Define Scope
  • Review Checklist of Selections
  • Review Budget Checklist

Concept Design

  • Conduct Due Diligence/Zoning requirements
  • Progress meeting with client
  • Refine Scope
  • Develop Concept floor plan & elevations
  • Develop Checklist of Selections
  • Client concept sign off

Preliminary Design

  • Preliminary floor plan
  • Preliminary Elevation
  • Client Sign Off

Final Design

  • Floor Plan
  • Exterior Trim/Finish Selections
  • Interior Trim/Finish Selections
  • Client Sign Off

Proposal Preparation

  • Advance Final Design Detail
  • Initiate take off
  • Initiate vendor and sub-contractor quotes
  • Develop Project Estimate Checklist
  • Build Project Binder
  • Draft Proposal
  • Finalize Project Estimate Checklist
  • Final Proposal

Proposal Submission

  • Internal Proposal / Checklist Review
  • Internal Plan Review
  • Review proposal & plans with client
  • Client Follow Up
  • Revisions, Budget reduction review
  • Client acceptance of proposal
  • Determine Schedule
  • Identify long lead items


  • Obtain permits
  • Assist with Final Customer Selections
  • Order materials
  • Schedule Subs
  • Post-framing customer walk through
  • Post drywall customer walk-through

Construction Complete

  • Final Walk Through
  • Certificate of Occupancy
  • Punch list
  • Homeowner’s notebook
  • Client Feedback Form
  • Project close out

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