“We measure our success by our growing number of
satisfied customers.”

Take a few moments to consider what our customers say about their homes and their working relationship with Oak Construction. We look forward to adding your testimony.

Colleen, Amy, and Caroline Fitzpatric

“Mike and Matt built a beautiful and distinctive home for us in Henlopen Acres. What began several years ago as a relatively modest proposal to have Oak Construction build an addition to our classic Rehoboth beach cottage became a much more comprehensive endeavor when that cottage was destroyed in a flood and had to be taken down and replaced with a new home.

In our collaboration with Mike and Oak’s architect during our new house’s design phase, we were able to incorporate both of the stylistic elements that really mattered to us into our new home: subtle Asian touches and some of the classic, quaint characteristics of our former Rehoboth beach cottage. Working with Matt during the building phase was a pleasure. He is detail-oriented and extremely organized—he keeps the ball rolling. His scheduling of sub-contractors and vendors left no time gaps or lulls, and those sub-contractors and vendors were excellent workers and craftsmen. Oak set and met deadlines, a particular challenge given our community’s strict regulations for workday hours and no weekend work, and remained within the budget we had allotted.

From the outside, our Henlopen Acres house is clearly a lovely, well-built home. A walk through the interior further reveals the quality of workmanship, pride of craft, and attention to detail that we enjoy each day and have observed in other Oak-built houses. Of real value and confidence for us are the intangible benefits that have come with working with Oak Construction. A relationship built upon trust was a key element for us from the start. Based in the Washington area and working full-time with significant family commitments, our visits to our construction site were necessarily limited. Knowing this, Mike, Matt and the staff at Oak went out of their way to communicate with us daily to keep us well informed. Although not required to do so, either Mike or Matt interfaced with community officials and attended numerous meetings with us either as we worked to have our house plans approved or encountered minor stumbling blocks along the way. We knew they were there for us and that our issues were their issues. Moreover, Matt and the rest of the Oak staff have continued to support us well beyond the day we moved in. Any question we have, detail we overlooked, or small change we wish to make is quickly addressed in a characteristically responsive and thoughtful manner. A family-run company that puts relationships and customer satisfaction first, Oak Construction will work to ensure that you are as happy with your project as we are with our beautiful new home.”

Dr. Tris Kruger

“I found Oak to be really conscientious about their hiring  of extremely  competent and careful workers, who were very concerned about the job, and it’s appearance in the finished product. There were many issues that came up in expanding and restoring a nearly 60 year old house, one lot off the ocean, that Matt negotiated, that was way beyond expedient. Issues such as rotted joists, and flooring, that could have been ignored, as they are unseen, were successfully addressed, making for a sound structure. I was not even aware of some decisions, such as high end railings, with aluminum on the inside, for increased strength. Matt at one point made the carpenters in his employ tear out steps, because they didn’t have ‘returns’ on the edges, and “that’s not how we do them at Oak”.

I left completely up to Matt the placement of the pergola on the front of the house, which he thought would look good—it does!

I, in fact, hired one of the carpenters to do further work for me, not part of the contract w/ Oak, I was so impressed w/ his/ Oak’s  work!

Matt was very flexible (albeit w/ me paying )regarding changes, which there were a lot of. Some were major, and I was impressed how easy  Matt went along w/ the changes. Size and number of windows, as well as sliding glass doors, to admit more light, and the addition of a whole room were some of the changes I wanted, that Matt made happen.

I’ve got a really nice place now, and the foundation of it was with the care and concern of Oak Construction.

Many thanks!”

Stella Donavan

“Can’t thank you enough for making my dream home come true. I think it is beautiful and some of my children who have seen it, think so too. If at anytime you have a customer interested in seeing it, I would be more than happy to accommodate them.”

Jack & Karen Fitzgerald

“Jack & I would like to express our appreciation not only for the workmanship that went into the building of the addition to our home, but for the sensitivity to our wishes and for the patience with which Matt handled our special requests. Mike, I think your son has picked up your good work ethics. Praise God for you both.”

Neal & Marcella Morris

“Just wanted to say thank you again for our beautiful kitchen and all the help you gave putting it together. Matt and the other guys did a great job. It was a pleasure having them in the house. Please use us as a reference anytime. It was a pleasure doing business with you.”

Wayne & Ilze Black

“Thank you very much for being so helpful before, during and even after our kitchen remodel. You and your subcontractors really did an outstanding job!”

Bob & Anne Easby’Smith

“We are very pleased with the house and enjoyed using it with our big family over the Easter weekend! ” Thank you VERY much!”

Heike & Gerald Cottrell

So that you may better understand our new home project, I am going to give you a brief background of our situation. We moved from New Hampshire to Delaware when we retired. We do have family in this area and we were also escaping to a better climate. After years of moderate homes with fireplaces, wet basements and swimming pools, we knew what we wanted and did not want for our later years. Our new house was easy to navigate, as maintenance free as possible and designed to our tastes. We started with only a footprint cut from the Sunday newspaper. This was already modified by us when our potential contractors saw it. Later, we did obtain four elevations from the original designer. We then interviewed four potential builders and requested their proposals and approximate cost. Again, we did not have construction plans, color schemes, window designs, etc.

Oak Construction was not the least expensive overall, but they were the only company that understood what we wanted. The price that Mike quoted was reasonable and of course he gave us options. Others seemed intent on proposing a home that was less expensive but removed features such as cathedral ceilings that made our house unique. I believe that Oak Construction was competitive and very capable.

Mike Purnell’s ability to develop the construction plans from scratch and to make significant recommendations for changes and additions were important factors in our decision to select him. The planning phases were conducted by fax between New Hampshire and Delaware. Then, as throughout the construction, we were never surprised. Any changes during construction were quickly documented with change orders and cost estimates. The recommendations that were made by Mr. Purnell, such as special woodwork, rounded wall edges, windows and other attributes, are still cited by visitors as outstanding elements of our home.

There were no major issues to be resolved after we chose the final plan because we were all in on the planning process. It is interesting that you should mention nail pops. About 10 nail pops scattered around the ceiling edges have been the only problem that we have had with almost three year old home. Mike responded quickly and adequately to repair the problem. I hope that I don’t sound too Polly Annish about Oak Construction. I am not usually this flattering. But it has been as easy a project as constructing a new home can be. I would rate Oak Construction a 10 based on my experience.

Jack & Deborah Dilts

“Waiting for the best sure pays off.”

Cathy Walker

“I just wanted to say thank you for the great job you all did for me. I have had compliments on your work. It is so wonderful having the washer and dryer out of the kitchen.”

Larry & Brenda Sharp

“We have had the best experience building our new home. Oak Construction made everything as easy for us as was possible. Because it is a family owned business, both Mike (father) and Matt (son) take pride in building homes that reflect the integrity they put into each project. Matt was the supervisor for our home, and he guided us through the process flawlessly. His suggestions for extra touches gave our home an individuality that makes it unique. His subcontractors and work crews were responsible and reflected pride in their craft. We saw progress every day and were updated on what was happening daily. We love our new home and are so grateful to the team of Oak Construction.”

Jim & Chae Su So Lyons, Grazie!

Dear Carol,

Thanks to the Chamber board, you, and your dedicated staff, summer is off to a great start for Rehoboth-Dewey Beach businesses. Chae and I look forward to opening our Italian Carryout Cafe, Grazie!, at 52 Rehoboth Avenue in the first week of July.

Before we become totally immersed in running Grazie!, I wanted to take this opportunity to nominate a fellow Chamber member for business of the year. This business is Oak Construction, led by Michael Purnell and his son Matthew.

Oak Construction far exceeds the basic performance standards for a good general contractor- high quality work performed in a timely manner at a fair price. A veritable master of all construction trades and a jack of none, Mike Purnell is a calm, conscientious, and creative manager who orchestrates his well- chosen workers and subcontractors to produce exceptional product in record time.

I know from speaking to others who have used Oak Construction that my experience with the firm is typical of its outstanding performance. Because of the benefits Oak Construction has brought to the Rehoboth-Dewey area businesses and residents, I ask that it be given serious consideration by the committee in charge with selecting the Chamber’s business of the year.

Jim Lyons, President
Grazie! Inc.

Earl & Alice Stockdale

“Oak met with us repeatedly and turned our abstract ideas into a design plan that my wife and I couldnt not wait to see unfold. We signed our construction contract with Oak in early January, Mike and Matt promised to deliver us a complete home by late August. We will be moving into our home in mid July, more than one month ahead of schedule. We had heard a lot of discouraging stories about building your own home from friends and relativies and were fully prepared to encounter some difficulties. We had none! Oak Construction was fantastic — start to finish. Oak was simply superb. In my opinion, you could not find a better company to build your home.”

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